When was the last time you re-arranged your closet or your room?  A year ago?  Now is the time to do it and you will be surprised what treasures you can find.  I am pretty sure you will find old unused clothes and things that still look okay and new.  You can sell them on eBay or organize a garage sale.  This will give you extra money.  You can also invite friends and organize a swap party.  By this way, you will have new clothes and things without paying for one.


Farming can give you extra income.  Do you have any unused land about 1 hectare?  You can plant crops on it.  Here are some guidelines if you want to start farming:

1.)  Ask around.  Try to check what crops are usually planted in your area.  Some crops do not perform well on certain locations so be sure to check first before deciding what crop to use.

2.)  Look for a buyer of your chosen crop so you won't have a problem disposing it once you started harvesting.

2.)  Ask for help.  If you finally decided what crop to use, hire someone to get you started.  You have to plow the land and plant the seeds.  Local residents can be hired to do this.  The crops should also be checked from time to time if they are growing accordingly and are not hit by any diseases.

3.)  Record your expenses.  List down all the costs you incurred for the planting project.

4.)  Don't be discourage if the output is not that huge.  You just started, you will learn along the way.  Try to experiment.  There is not perfect formula on this.