Here is another website wherein I love to read something about business ideas.


There is no single second in my life that I don't think about having my own business. The problem is, I don't have the GUTS to start one. I don't think CAPITAL is really a problem because most successful businesses now started with only small capital. So everytime my business minded mind attacks again, I surf the net and visit websites that help budding entrepreneurs. One of these website is GO NEGOSYO . They have tv shows but I just don't know their schedule. I also have their 2 books. Join their forum. You will find a lot of stuff in there.


Internet Banking Facility offered by banks are really convenient. You can check your balances anytime and anywhere you want provided you have an internet connection. Aside from that, you can make fund transfer and bills payment. It will save you time on lining up to pay your monthly obligations like water, electricity, telephone, cellphone, cable, and credit cards! The best part is, it's free!

Visit your depository bank and enroll your account.

There is more! Credit card companies also offer internet banking services. You can check your statements online without waiting for the snail mail to arrive. Thus, it will save you from paying late payment fee because you already know how much you should pay and when it is due. Moreover, some companies offer e-statement wherein your statements will be sent to your assigned email address. Call your credit card company and ask about it. Or try to check their website.


I recently discovered this website called INCOME TACTS . You can register to become a member and posts some questions. I was amazed when my post got replies from financial planners and other people involved in the money market.